OUTPUT - Photography Open

Curated by Declan Connolly

The Bridewell Studios & Gallery, May 2023

Liverpool District Series

Lydia Marley captures aspects of everyday life in Liverpool through the medium of film photography. Her work explores urban environments and showcases the unique personalities of the different districts within her home city. 

Focusing on places frequented by people, her work represents the human story of how a person’s interaction with a space can have an impact over time.  

Whether this be a corner shop, a fly tipping hotspot or a disused, once thriving cinema, each location is an important part of the culture of an area. The photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia, especially for locals, who may have their own memories of a certain place. 


24 Kitchen Street, May 2023

L4 Home District

This set of images, premiering exclusively at Fabric Collective Exhibition, focuses on the area of L4 (Walton, Everton, Anfield) where Lydia is from. Drawing upon personal connection and memory, she revisited places she frequented throughout growing up, documenting the area in the present time. 

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